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BIG BOSS update is live on itch IO!

New features:

  • 6 new alien bosses in chase missions
  • 12 new guns
  • New game+ mode! Can you survive the real anarchy?
  • Normal and Hard difficulty levels
  • some enemies in the town now set up turrets
  • new levels for talents and weapon upgrades
  • rebalanced and refined gameplay on space maps
  • rebalanced character progression system
  • improved character and bullet phisics
  • new graphcs, special effects and sounds
  • ukranian localization
  • improved joystick support in menus
  • massive optimization

Downloaded, thanks! :)


Any plans on uploading the updated version of the game here? :)

Of course! BIG BOSS update is coming to Itch IO in a few days.

Great, thanks!


I must say I love the art style you chose for this project its pretty unique! Game looks fun but it seems you really put  some heart into this game!

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Thanks! Yeah, I've been tweaking and polishing it for a long time. New update will come soon!

About the art stile - it was created by a girl Kristina on a game jam/ However she showed no interest in continuing the project. Without an artist I had to start drawing myself without any experience. Most of the characters and weapons are of my design based on Kristina's original style. Luckily laster I found an artist who did the environment, animation and bosses.


I really enjoyed the simplicity of this game. It was incredibly enjoyable and i loved the absolute mayhem. But becuase I'm stupid I accidentaly downloaded the demo version after i bought it; so I'll probably make a part 2, where I actualy play the full game. But I still had allot of fun and would reccommend this game! 

Thank you! right now I'm working on a new update for the game with new bosses and New game+ option. Stay alert!